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Which White Paint Color Should I Use?

Welcome to the first article in a series about using white paint colors for your house. There are so many to choose from and this can be confusing. In this series, we will discuss one white paint color at a time and how knowing a few details about each color can help you to choose the perfect one.

The first white color that we will talk about is a very popular one and is used both interior and exterior. It is SW 7008 Alabaster, by Sherwin-Williams. Let's explore why it is so popular. (please note that electronic devices make the color appear different than in person, it's best to go to a Sherwin-Williams store and get an actual color card or paint sample before starting any painting project).

SW 7008 Alabaster. Let's talk about this color!

Alabaster has a neutral base which is what gives it its creamy almost off-white color. It is categorized as white, however, due to its base, it is not a true white. It lends to being almost an off-white color.

The neutral beige undertones are what give this color its warm and soft creaminess. Alabaster has just the right amount of creamy that makes it a soft off-white but still not yellow.

It will look "white" in both interior and exterior settings and even though it is a soft, off-white it is bright enough that it pops next to other colors without the effect of being jarring. That being said, it is the perfect "white" if you have concerns about your color being too bright or stark and desire a warmer approach to white.


Because of the neutral base in SW 7008 Alabaster, it goes with a variety of colors, both warm and cool. Above is an example of exterior coordinating colors that pair perfectly with it. It truly is a lovely off-white, "white".


Here is another example of exterior paint colors that pair well with SW 7008 Alabaster. If you like grays with darker trim and a pop of red color for shutters or the front door, this is a palette you might want to explore.


This example puts SW 7008 Alabaster together with soft SW 7015 Repose Gray and accents of either SW 7018 Dovetail or SW 2740 Mineral Gray. If this selection appeals to you, pop by a store and pick up some paint chips or color samples.


Above is an example of interior colors that pair beautifully with SW 7008 Alabaster. These colors will give that beautiful "Farmhouse" look.

SW 6204 Sea Salt is a soft and subtle color that can play either blue or green, depending on the lighting and details surrounding it.


One more exterior color palette suggestion for SW 7008 Alabaster. SW 7057 Silver Strand is a lovely color to pair with it.

SW 0077 Classic French Gray is a beautiful middle-of-the-road true gray color worth mentioning.

SW 7069 Iron Ore is a popular dark color that is beautiful teamed up with SW 7008 Alabaster.


If you prefer the look of white on white, you might consider using SW 7008 Alabaster with SW 7005 Pure White on the trim. Due to its base color, Alabaster is a creamy, soft off-white and teams well with Pure White which is a true white with a hint of color, thus allowing enough contrast between the two colors to look wonderful together. (please remember that electronic devices do not show the true color, I suggest dropping by a store to pick up some color card chips before beginning any paint project).

To recap: SW 7008 Alabaster

The undertones are what make a color. Alabaster has subtle greige undertones which means that it is not too cool or not too warm, basically more neutral. Due to these factors, it allows a perfect backdrop to a variety of styles and color pairings.

If you love white but are a little uncertain about using it, why not drop by a Sherwin Williams store and check it out.

The next color that we will explore is a favorite of mine, SW 7005 Pure White. until next time...


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