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Use Beautiful & Aromatic, Chive Blossoms to Make Infused Vinegar!

Let's make some. Did you know that the beautiful blossoms of chives are edible? Let's explore how to easily make chive bloom infused vinegar.

The chive blossoms grow at the top of the blade-like stems of the chive plant. The flower itself is a beautiful purple color and has a puffy shape. Each blossom or flower actually consists of many little florets that are joined together. You can use the flowers whole or pull them apart. They smell a little like garlic and have just a hint of a floral note.

Prepare Your Blossoms!

It's important to rinse them well in water to remove any insects. Trust me, they are there and they are tiny. I took a bowl of cold water and then dipped them in a few times to ensure that they all went bye-bye. Then I put the dipped in water and insect-free blossoms on a paper towel to air-dry before use.

Making Chive Blossom Infused Vinegar

I discovered quite a few ways to use this edible flower and decided that the first one I would try was making Chive Blossom Vinegar. Here's how I did it.

I first picked, and then cleaned my chive blossoms as shown above. After they were clean, I cut off the stems and saved them for stuffed potato toppings to eat later. Next, I poured some white vinegar into a canning jar, allowing room for the blossoms. I pulled apart some of the blossoms as well as added whole ones, then I put the self-sealing lid on it and stored it in a cool dark space for two weeks to infuse.

After about two to three weeks, when they are finished infusing, the vinegar will be a beautiful shade of purply pink and will smell mildly of chives.

Use it as you would any other vinegar.

Tah-Dah, Beautiful & Yummy Chive Blossom Infused Vinegar!

Isn't she lovely, isn't she beautiful? This vinegar was so easy and fun to make. If you have some beautiful blossoms in your garden, go pick them soon, as they do not last long.

I am headed there now to pick some more before they are finished blooming. Next, I will make chive-blossom-infused oil dressing, add some of the florets to food dishes and use a few in floral arrangements.

Until next time,...


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