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Summer Colors Inspiration!

Enjoy these beautiful summer-inspired color palettes to give your space, home, or office, a bold, fun & new exciting look.

As a designer and color consultant, I often get my color cues from nature. When you do some detailed study of specific items, notice the variety of color depth, shading, and texture in each one. Then take your cue from there and have the confidence to know that the hues will be in harmony.


Check out the various blues and greens that are in peacock feathers. There are quite a lot of shades but notice how they all go together to create a gorgeous color palette.


I just love the detail and variance of colors in these orange roses that make them breathtaking. Nature teaches us a lesson here about color. Just look at the different shades of orange combined with reds. These colors are beautiful and bold, working in perfect harmony.


Notice how refreshing the blues and gray shades are in this water-themed photo, they can't help but make you feel good. No wonder that the color blue is a universally loved color.


Lovely shades of soft blush, plum, mauve, white, and beige make up this gorgeous rose. These soft colors work beautifully together and create a luscious and welcoming feel.


Cool and calming blues and green colors are some of the reasons we all love the ocean and bodies of water in nature. These colors calm us down, relax us and make us feel good. perfect for spaces where you want a stress-free vibe.

Thank you for joining me on this nature-inspired color journey. This summer has been pretty intense with the worldwide heatwave. Color in your space is one way to make us feel, cooler, calmer, invigorated, excited, or whatever mood you need to create. Take your cues from nature!

Until next time, stay cool!

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