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Is The Color Gray Still On-Trend?

The color gray for interior decor has been trending now for 15+ years, is it here to stay? Will it still be on-trend? Are you still crazy about the color Gray?

Interior Design color-trend forecasters say yes and no to using the color gray going forward in this new year. Many believe it is to be replaced with an even more neutral like beiges and warm neutral tans. Regardless of the outcome of this new year's color trends, if you are still loving the color gray for your home or office space, here are some ideas to begin using or even update your love of the color gray in your space.

Gray tones mixed with unexpected accent colors.

Whether you like warm or cool grays, you can kick it up a notch by using bold, bright, and unexpected color accents along with it.

Bright, happy, and upbeat colors are on-trend for this new year. Why not try mixing them with your existing gray rooms and elements?

This photo collage shows just how fabulous bold colors pair with gray and give it a modern vibe.


Mix Gray with bold, bright & beautiful colors!

Gray is now considered a neutral color but it doesn't have to look cold and unwelcoming. Try pairing it with accents of bold & bright colors. Red. Blue. White, Yellow. Green. Think outside the box!

If you treat gray like a neutral color, think silver metal, you can accent it with a variety of colors that will enhance it.

Check out the colors mixed into these spaces that allow gray to be the perfect backdrop to enhance the boldness of the accent colors.


Comfortably mix jewel tones with gray!

Do you see from these examples how well the jewel colors set off the gray tones? Feel confident in mixing your favorite colors with various shades of gray.

Try going to a paint store, selecting some of their color cards, and mixing and matching them with gray colors. After a few attempts, you will find the perfect combination for your space(s).


The possibilities are just about limitless.

Here are some more examples of gray mixed with bold colors.

White. Red. Green. Blue. Orange. Purple. The possibilities are endless.

Notice how they all work well with cool or warm grays and serve to complement each other.


...and so there you have it, color inspiration for using the color gray in your home or office. If you love a particular color, then don't worry if it is on-trend or not. Use these helpful inspirational ideas to keep your gray looking modern and chic.

As an interior design specializing in color, I love to share information about color and color theory, please check out this post about the color blush-pink:

... until next time!

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