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How To Create The Perfect Sanctuary

Simple ways to make your personal space more peaceful.

Let It Shine, Let It Shine!

The lighting in your space is essential in creating the perfect, stress-free, and calming sanctuary. If you have a great source of natural light, then, by all means, take advantage of that, especially during dark and dreary winter days. It is proven that natural light sunlight, can help improve your mood as well as be calming to your soul.

On the other hand, if you do not have great natural lighting, then create it! A few different lamps strategically placed around your space contributes to a calm and peaceful environment. The light that lamps project is more calming than overhead lights, so be sure to include some. I prefer a variety of styles as I love them as accessories as well as each project light in various ways. Lighting can be a real mood enhancer.

Check out these ideas below for lighting and notice the various moods cast from the light source.

Color, Color, Color!

As an interior designer, I am not afraid to use color and I know how much color can affect your mood. It's important not to think you just have to use shades of white and off-whites to create a calm & peaceful sanctuary. I encourage you to use color to create a peaceful sanctuary. Let's examine colors in nature, that are not white, and yet evoke a feeling of peace and calm.

Check out these photo examples below, from nature that are colorful, yet peaceful.

When you examine each photo, notice the subtle shades in each of them. You can mimic these colors for your room. I even suggest that you go to and create a color board. Pin nature scenes that you love and that move you. You will eventually settle on the ones that give you the most serenity when you look at them.

I have often painted my bedrooms in the softest of teal colors and find it to be very relaxing and calm. Think of the colors that you see in the ocean and how you feel when you are there, then create that feeling in your space with variations of the soothing colors that appeal to you. You can do this with any nature scene that you love.

Take your color clues from nature and you can't go wrong with your selections.

Use Lot's Of Textures And Layers!

Nothing says, "This is my favorite place", like delicious feeling textures. You want your sanctuary and safe haven to be ultra-cozy and comfy, in all facets. If it's the bed in your bedroom, or the sofa in your living room, use warm and inviting fabrics. A mix of textures is best. Think rugs, throws, blankets, artwork, lighting, blankets, and more, these can all have a variety and mix of textures.

Check out these various textures below and try to imagine how they will feel to the touch.

A variety of elements can contribute to that warm nesty feeling in your space. Just looking at all the layers that you applied, should make you want to jump into that space with a cup of tea or glass of wine and unwind.

Check out these room examples below, note the layers and various textures of fabrics, accessories and furniture used to create the tranquil and inviting spaces.

Complete Your Sanctuary Retreat By Adding Indulgent Treats!

Who said that gift treats in bedrooms are only for guests? I remember when I used to set a gift basket of treats and fun gift items in my guest bedroom for my guests. I would place the basket on the bed or bench at the bottom. It was just as much fun putting it together as is was for them to receive it.

I feel that adding some indulgent items in your room contributes to the cozy, peaceful & sanctuary vibes where you come to de-stress. When I say indulgent, I do not necessarily mean caviar and champagne, rather, I am talking about things that you would not necessarily get for yourself. Think candles with a soft scent, imported hard candies in a decorative tin, magazines, a box of special tea, a vintage photo book, vintage linen, fresh lavender, or fresh cinnamon sticks tied with a bow and a lovely basket or tray to store them all in.

Adding fresh flowers to your room on a weekly basis is a treat that will do wonders for your soul. If budget is an issue, then just place one flower where you can see it. You will be amazed at what it does to lift your spirits and make your special place even more special.

Check out these photo examples below of some indulgent treats to treat yourself.

So there you have it, a few simple ideas to create your own personal sanctuary. These are just a few of many ideas to design a special space. The times we are living in currently with Covid have caused us to step back and re-think our home spaces. Creating your own little nest is easier than you think and very doable.

I would love to hear from you about any additional ideas you have to make a cozy, yummy, and comfy place to de-stress in.

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