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How To Create Farmhouse Style Using These Design Ideas!

Have you ever wondered what Farmhouse Style is? Explore this post to see what it is as well as the variances within the style itself and how you can successfully and easily incorporate it into your own home. Using these ideas as a baseline will easily help you to transform your space into a comfortable, practical, and inviting place to hang out in. Check out these ideas to help you to design and create your own personal Farmhouse Style! There are no hard and fast rules, just some basic guidelines to get you started on your way.

Farmhouse style interior design ideas

What is Farmhouse Style?

When you think of Farmhouse Style what comes to your mind? Here are some words that help to define it: practical, comfortable, simple, cozy, rustic, minimalistic, warm, welcoming, and charming.

This style has its roots in early Americana. Early settlers used readily available elements, such as wood, iron, and wire. Their homes were practical and needed to be sturdy enough to last. The goal is to have the space feel cozy, not cluttered. Be careful not to overload with too many accessories as this can appear to be cluttered.

Does this mean that the style has to look like an old barn? No! There are variances within the style itself. There is Modern Farmhouse, Rustic Farmhouse, Traditional Farmhouse, Classic Farmhouse, and Vintage Farmhouse.


Basic Farmhouse Style Elements

Wood Wicker Plank floors

Painted furniture Shiplap Farmhouse light fixtures

Wire Baskets Butcherblock Texture & dimension

Muted colors Wicker Fabric slipcovers

Neutral Walls Cotton Vintage Accessories

Farmhouse Style elements

Okay so now we have some of the basics of Farmhouse Style, now what?


Classic | Vintage | Rustic | Traditional Farmhouse Style!

You can stick to the classic, vintage, rustic, or traditional style if you want an authentic look that mimics the early settlers and homesteaders. Think basics like wood, wicker, plank flooring, light walls, rustic accessories, painted furniture, cotton, and slipcovers.

Rustic Farmhouse Moodboard

Modern or Contemporary Farmhouse Style?

So what's the difference between Modern/Contemporary Farmhouse and Rustic/Classic Farmhouse?

Basically, you can use each and all if desired, of the primary elements such as light walls, wood, painted furniture, and such as shown above.

To modernize the look of the Farmhouse Style you will take the basic, comfortable and cozy items and add modern elements. Instead of wood or butcherblock countertops, you can use granite or quartz. Trade out the rustic lighting elements with more sleek and contemporary ones. Use stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Add some smooth lines to compliment the rougher wooden ones. Industrial style accessories help to make Farmhouse Style look more updated. With the addition of modern accessories here and there, combined with a neutral color palette you will update and modernize the farmhouse style. It's a fine balance between using old and new accessories. Play around with them and see what feels and looks the best for the space you are designing.

You want your rooms to feel inviting, your furniture should make one want to come and sit down. Use neutral color palettes and add spots of your favorite colors here and there.

Be sure to have a generous mix of rustic and modern elements throughout the space. Feel secure mixing earthy wood elements with metals.

Modern Farmhouse Style still has that inviting, simple and comfortable feel but with the added modern elements it really will give it a more contemporary feel.


Even if you don't live in the country or on a farm or even in a farmhouse, with these Farmhouse Style ideas you can easily create an inviting and comfortable space that mimics a true farmhouse.

Whichever style of Farmhouse that you decide to go with you will be creating a warm and welcoming place that friends and family will love hanging out in. Why not give it a try?

As a professional interior designer and color consultant I write articles that help you with your design decisions, please check out my other posts about color and design on my Interior Design, Blog Page.

Until next time,...

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