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Gray & Yellow: Still On Trend!

When I first saw gray paired with yellow, I wasn't so sure how I felt about the combination of those colors together. As time has marched on, I have come to love them for a variety of reasons. They are still completely on-trend today. Here are some photos that I hope inspire you to use this beautiful combination in your own space. Gary & yellow is still on trend!

gray and yellow mood board

Have you wondered why gray and yellow look so good together? Here's why.

When the color gray is teamed with yellow or yellow with gray, they work in perfect harmony together. Gray tones are calming and cooler, thus they help to tone down the vibrancy of the bolder and vibrant yellow color. Gray alone can appear a bit aloof and a bit snobby, so when you introduce the color yellow, it brings along its cheerful, happy and uplifting personality, which gives character, vibrancy, and interest to the gray. Gray with yellow work extremely well together.

The colors together say, "This is a happy place".

gary room with yellow accents

Above is an example of a perfect mix of gray and yellow with some light gray and white for grounding. Not too much of any one of the colors.


These three photos show how to use the colors in a room as accents. Again, not too much of any one color, they are very balanced.


Design inspiration from nature!

As an interior designer, I often get my design inspiration from nature. You can see from these three examples, that the colors in nature are harmonious. Nature just doesn't mess up with colors.

  1. Beautiful golden yellow moth on a gray bark tree.

  2. Night sky with dark gray clouds with yellow-looking cloud accents.

  3. Sweet little gray and yellow frog.

So if you are ever uncertain about certain color combinations, look at nature. I get my best ideas for color harmony from looking at photos.


Accent colors!

Notice the use of color primarily as an accent. Sometimes you only need one or two items to add the pop of color to your space.

  1. Look at how the yellow tulips completely brighten this room.

  2. In this space the use of gray and yellow is very subtle, look at the gray lamp bases which give the room its drama.

  3. This very gray space is immediately made more cheerful and fun with the pop of color yellow chair.


Variety of Grays and Yellows!

yellow and gray hues

Here are a few examples of the variety of grays and yellows you can use in your space. These are Sherwin Williams paint colors and they have a huge selection to choose from. Colors on your monitor appear a bit different than actual colors


Gray with yellow accents!

gray room with yellow accents

This mostly gray room comes alive with pops of yellow accents. Yellow serves to make the space more cheerful, sunny and inviting. A perfect combination!


Yellow with gray accents!

yellow room with gray accents

Mostly yellow room with gray accents. The gray color helps to tone down the yellow just a bit, creating harmony and interest in this space.


My hope is that you have enjoyed learning about the combination of the colors gray and yellow. Perhaps you will use some of these ideas in your next design project. If you have any photos of your gray and yellow projects, I'd love for you to share them.

As a professional interior designer and color consultant I write articles that help you with your design decisions, please check out my other posts about color and design on my Interior Design, Blog Page.

Until next time,...

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