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How To Make Color Selections For Your Home

YES? Then be sure to check out these inspired-by-life color palettes. Do you have a favorite place to visit, a favorite meal to prepare, a favorite scene to view? If so, meditate on and study the colors in the scene, they will most likely always work well together. You can get your best ideas for color combinations just by thoughtfully looking at the world around you.

Do You Need Some Home Color Inspiration?

See what you are naturally drawn to, then contemplate how you will use those colors as inspiration for your own interior space. Now let us discuss how to do this.

Let's talk about the following 3 photo sets examples!

Set 1: Notice these photos above and how the colors work in perfect harmony together.

1. The butterfly is beautiful in itself but when you combine its gorgeous colors with its habitat, you end up with a spectacular color palette that you can bring inside to your own space to recreate the same mood.

2. A simple succulent is not so simple after close examination. Notice the grayed greens that are perfectly harmonious when accented by the rusty red tones. These colors that work so well together make for an enthralling color combination.

3. Sunrise in the meadow creates a tantalizing, yet unexpected color palette. Shades of green in the grass and tree are outlined by a riveting mix of blues sky which is accented by light reflected pink-hued clouds that create a breathtaking view. This lovely color palette that nature created simply for the pure beauty and joy of viewing is worthy of recreating in your own remarkable interior space.


You can even use still items or scenes as color inspiration!

Set 2: The photos above all show yummy foods but upon close inspection, you can find fabulous color palette ideas for your home!

4. Note how this yummy bowl of fresh vegetables oozing with color enhances the senses of sight, smell, and taste. The reds, greens, yellows, and whites are appetizing as well as look beautiful together. Next time you have a bowl of fresh foods, take the time to notice the various hues and how different they are but yet work so lusciously together.

5. Who can resist pretty in pink mugs filled with a creamy warm liquid and topped with spice. When you put this combination together surrounded by white, you end up with a stunning and vibrant color inspiration palette.

6. Check out this basket of fresh cherries. Notice the different shades of red in the cherries, they vary from a bright cherry red to a deeper merlot color as they ripen. Combine this irresistible natural scene inspired by nature and you have a dazzling and festive color palette that you can easily apply in your space.


Let's discuss these nature-at-its-best photos!

Set 3: These lovely photos range from muted to vibrant to mono-chromatic, let's explore them in more detail!

7. This simple ocean sceneupon close inspection reveals that it is so simple after all. The oaky-colored sand grounds this beautiful scene. The sky is a beautiful brilliant hue of blue that has been enhanced with varying shades of white, this brilliant scene compliments of nature, is so peaceful and calming and easily translates to your interior.

8. Take a close look at a peacock feather and notice the variety of hues. Shades of green, blue, and browns create a magnicificant combination that is universally identified and appreciated. Why not think of this color palette to brighten and enhance your space while offering a brilliant use of blue to accent the scheme?

9. River rocks or pebbles show the thoughtful and remarkableness of mono-chromatic hues. Upon close inspection of this photo, you can notice at least 5 various shades and tones of gray. They are oh-so-similar yet the subtle differences are what make this color palette so outstanding. With a palette like this one you don't have to use a bold color for the scheme to be enticing to the eye.


So, do you need some color inspiration?

YES, I think we all do and one of the best ways to discover a new and enticing color palette for your interior space is to look at the world around you. Take a little time to notice a scene in your life, check out all the variences of the colors in what you are looking at. Notice how well the colors look together and why you are drawn to them. Take a photo, head to the paint store and pick out color cards that match or blend with the colors in your palette. Mix and match and before you know it, you will have created your very own, one-of-a-kind color scheme.

If you have a favorite scene that you would like to replicate, but still need a little guidance, please email or send information in the comments and I will review it and post helpful information.

As a color consultant, I am always striving to help other discover the joy of color. Here is another post that you can check out about combing the colors gray and yellow.

...until next time,

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