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do you like to learn new words?

I LOVE learning new words. I like to add a few new favorites every month. Thought that I would share my latest new word favorites with you.

I think most of us can relate to this! Now we have the word to put to the moment.


Love to put some moves on even if they are clumsy and awkward, while thoroughly enjoying every second? This is called balter. Now you know,... you're welcome!


Try to picture this guy when you are tempted to say something that is better off left unsaid.


Insipid: I Love this word and actually use it. Often while doing a color consultation, my client will ask me, "Which color do you like best", I will say, "Truthfully, I feel this one here is quite insipid". After I give them a moment to ponder what the heck I just said, I humorously explain the word insipid and how much fun it is. The bottom line is, the one color lacked interest or flavor. Everyone immediately relates and they now have a fun word to use in the future.


I have loved this word, serendipity since the movie. Now go put it in a sentence and impress your friends.

If you have any favorite words, drop them in a comment.

Until next time,...


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