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DIY: Super Easy origami Bookmark You Can Make In Minutes!

Enjoy making this super easy origami bookmark to decorate the corner(s) of your page.

To make this beautiful origami page bookmark corner, you first need a square of any paper that you like. I use wallpaper scraps. It can be origami paper, cardstock, wrapping paper, an old map, or anything that is sturdy and you love. My favorite size square is 6 inches X 6 inches. You can make them any size, as long as they are perfectly square.

  1. First, take the lower right corner and fold it so that it brings it back to the center. Then you repeat the exact same process on the lower-left corner.

  2. Now, open it up and lay it flat. Next, take the angle located at the top by its point in order to fold it so that it touches the lower edge of the paper. This will form a pocket.

  3. Proceed to take the left corner again and fold it up, but this time slip it into the pocket before folding and pressing flat. You will then repeat this same process on the opposite corner to complete your beautiful bookmark.

Please review the photos on how to make this beautiful origami bookmark.


Tah Dah!!! Your first and hopefully not last, origami project. I am still a beginner but have fallen in love with origami, especially as I have tons of beautiful wallpaper scraps. I even sell the paper bundles in my Etsy store. Check them out here:

I think these will make great gifts and are so much fun to make. My hope is that you enjoy making them yourself. Until next time...


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