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Check Out My Latest 5 Favorite Home Decor Shops And Their Beautiful Products

We all have our favorite spots to shop, check out my latest 5 favorite home decor online shops and some wonderful products that they feature!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Party On Rug Benches and Pillows.

My Latest 5 favorite Home Decor shops


A linear, modern, rectangular upholstered form, paired with one of our favorite rugs, transforms this ottoman bench into a contemporary collectible. Attractively upholstered in our exuberant, shag-tufted wool rug. Blooms of Saffron, Fuchsia, Burnt Orange, Aqua, Ochre, Cerise, Pink and Teal flourish on a natural, undyed, marled ground for a colorful confluence, guaranteed to bring the house down!

Looking for some unique and stand-out lighting fixtures? Check out this fun decor' site.

My Latest 5 favorite Home Decor shops

Sanibel Chandelier

Gorgeously crafted, this intricate chandelier has the same organic form as the coral that inspired it. While grand in scale, the look is warm and approachable with a mix of natural wood and coco beads in a mix of shapes and sizes. A beaded tassel adds a nice finishing touch. Made by hand, each chandelier is truly one of a kind.

Go-Go-Gorgeous selection of wallpapers.

My Latest 5 favorite Home Decor shops


Momentum 5 33' L x 27" W Wallpaper Roll

Inspired by color stories, boldly expressive pattern creations, and luxurious production techniques: this is Harlequin. Imagined as a vehicle for self-expression through creative design, pushing personal boundaries along with those of the interior design industry.

Fun, fabulous & affordable giftables!

My Latest 5 favorite Home Decor shops

Mid-Century Modern Ovals Abstract Wall Clock

It’s time to check your clocks and rethink the traditional timepiece as functional wall decor. Constructed with premium, shatter-resistant materials. Wall clocks available in natural, black or white frame color with either a black or white hand.

Curated gifts for even the toughest to shop for on your list. buddy chair favorite shop

Buddy Solid Wood Side Chair in White Oak

A wise person once said that wood is good. Buddy is here to prove it. A molded ply back wraps to hug and gently kiss a curved wood seat. Solid wood legs provide a sturdy and elegant base while subtle wood dowel details keep it all feeling special.


So there you have it, my latest favorite shops for home decor and design. I hope you check them out. Each and every one of these online shops are loaded with unique and wonderful items to enhance, beautify and individualize your home and office.

As a professional interior designer and color consultant I write articles that help you with your design decisions, please check out my other posts about color and design on my Interior Design, Blog Page.

...until next time!

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