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5 Easy Home Decor Styling Tips That Will Make You A Design Genius!

Have you ever wondered how those interior spaces that you see online & in magazines look so beautiful, slick, and put together? Here are 5 easy to implement, interior design/decor tips to help you achieve the same polished looks that interior designers use, All-The-Time! It's easier to do than it looks.

5 Easy Home Decor Styling Tips That Will Make You A Design Genius!

We are going to explore five ways to easily style, update your space, make it look more polished, and not break the bank. All of the following ideas are easy to incorporate into your space and make it look like you had an interior designer do it for you.

(1) Create visual eye candy in various areas of your home, by making vignettes.

It is both fun & easy to create small vignettes (a small design or scene), in various areas of your home. Think,... fireplace mantle, coffee table, sofa or side table, bedside table, bathroom, and kitchen to name a few.

In order to design and create your own personal display, group various items together in a visually stimulating way. The items can be bonded by color, shape, texture, or even a theme or collection. The key is to arrange them in uneven numbers, 3, 5, or 7, and display them at various heights.

The purpose of these small vignettes is to draw one's eye to them and create some room, "eye candy".

Below are three photos that you can use as a guide in creating your very own displays. Study them and notice the various heights, number of items and then think why they were placed together by the stylist.


(2) Arrange your artwork in a statement-making, interior designer display.

If you already have some artwork, great, you are halfway there. The key is to group the pieces together in a way that draws the eye and makes the most visual impact.

Art is such a personal statement of who you are and speaks volumes, without saying a single word. If you have some favorite pieces, by all means, use them on your display. You might need to go shopping to get a few pieces to add to your existing ones, or you might want to start a whole new grouping. It is so easy to buy artwork even on a limited budget. Think,... T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, World Market, Ross, and even thrift or consignment stores. You don't have to spend a fortune to get some fun and statement-making art pieces for your wall.

Please study the three examples below to see just how different, yet still impactful each display is. Notice the middle photo with the yellow artwork, if your budget is super tight, you can buy a blank canvas, a tube of acrylic paint, and paint it one bold color, that piece is a stand-alone statement and will draw the eye to it.

Channel your inner interior designer with the use of artwork placement to easily style and transform your space.


(3) Don't be afraid to use color as a visual "pop".

You don't have to necessarily paint your walls in bright and bold colors to get visual impact, instead,...think accessories!

Perhaps you live in an apartment and can't paint your walls, or you might be intimidated by the commitment of bold color on your walls, this decor tip makes it easy to incorporate visually stimulating color by just using boldly colored accents. Think,... one boldly painted furniture piece, or coordinating accents in the same color, or even a mix of colors and patterns that are eye-catching.

Check out these three ideas below and notice how the boldly colored accents, "steal the show", without a brightly painted wall in sight.


(4) Freely use pillows to highlight areas that you want to draw attention to.

Think,...the beautifully dressed bed, the living room sofa, the bench in the hallway or kitchen area.

I love accent pillows because they are one of the easiest ways to style a room. There is such a variety of decorative pillows available and if you shop carefully, very affordable.

One can group them by color, theme, texture, and even size. It is up to your personal preference as to which ones you choose.

In each of the photos below, notice how the pillows immediately draw your eye to that area and create a well-thought-out and creative design. Again, so easy to do and it makes for the quickest style transformation to your space.


(5) Plants are your best interior design and decor friend.

In those interior-designed photos that we all drool over, there are almost always plants to behold. Greenery is a perfect way to incorporate life and texture into your space. Even if you don't have a green thumb or good lighting, there are still options.

With a little research, you can explore plant varieties that will thrive in your available light. Additionally, there are plenty of faux plants available that are not fake-looking. Often, you have to touch them to even see if they are real.

The photos below show various ways to use plants to make your room look polished. The plants can be a tree or two sitting by an accent piece, or even a small grouping on a table. Perhaps if you have a green thumb and great lighting, you can create your own little greenhouse area. The ideas are endless. Just add a few plants to become a photo-worthy room stylist.

My hope is these tips help you with your home space styling. Interior decor styling is not as hard as most think it is. With just a little thought, practice, and easy tips, everyone can transform their space into a polished design that gets rave reviews. 5 Easy Home Decor Styling Tips That Will Make You A Design Genius!

Until next time,...

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