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5 Brighten My Day Quotes!

I'm always on the lookout for a funny or witty quote that I can totally relate to. Here are my latest 5 to thoroughly entertain me and hopefully my handful of readers.

Can anyone else relate? This just happened to me,...AGAIN. I held on to many pieces of gorgeous designer fabric for years. Recently, I tossed them ALL out. A few weeks later, I discovered Junk Journaling and can kick myself all over for throwing them out. Big mistake. BIG!


True confession. Due to the Covid restrictions, I have really dropped my personal style and grooming. Masks have become my favorite, no makeup tool. Wait, a mask and sunglasses are my favorite combination. Not so sure how I feel about going back to not wearing a missing makeup hider mask. Going to have to step up my beauty game.


Speaking of the Pandemic, we were, weren't we? I might have gained a few lbs. during the last two restrictive years, that being said, and confessed, I want to lose a few pounds. But seriously, diet and exercise? Can't someone just take them away as easily as they put them on me?


One would think that by the time they were eligible for Medicare they would have learned some valuable life lessons, right? My motto seems to be, let's do this four or five more times, the wrong way, just to be sure that we understand that it doesn't work!


So this sums it all up. Life can be quite a kick in the butt, but trying to look at it with a sense of humor seems to make it all a bit easier.

... until next time!


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